As many people are working longer and waiting to retire.  Its not unusual to have a significant number of employees in their 60's even 70's for many employers.   While the longevity trend is a good one, it can present a new set of problems.  For those employees who are starting to experience some congitive impairment, workplace issues can impact many different areas including safety.    Also those workers in their 50's and beyond may be caregivers for their parents or others who have dementia or Alzheimers Disease.   This may result in time off to look after their loved ones, as well as the added stress of worrying about what will happen next.   We can help.

Sustain My Brain offers the following consulting services:

  • Brain longevity educational programs for employees

  • Employee base analysis and recommendations

  • Communication strategies

  • Financial impact assessments

  • Anonymous surveys

  • Programs to help with aging loved ones